FSL B SEK. Heat exchanger by Trox

Decentralized units in building services aren’t as common as we could think. They aren’t completely autonomous as they rely on external pipes or extensions required for their proper function. FSL B SEK is a good example of a decentralized heat exchanger to be placed under the sill.


The FSL B SEK can provide up to 1220W of heating and 520W of cooling. It is a heat exchanger that makes use of water to heat up or cool down air with a 2 or 4-pipe system. It has a condensate drip tray with condensate drain. Moreover, it can supply airflow up to 200 m³/h. The fan system installed is optimised with low specific fan powers.

We highly recommend you to visit Trox webpage and know a bit more about the FSL B SEK solution.

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