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Have you ever thought how will be the energy generated in the foreseeable years? How will we produce all the energy required? It may seem obvious that its origin will have to be renewable. But as you know, there are several sources for renewable energy. A study carried out by Stanford University has analysed which will be the source for the future energy in each country. Let’s see how it works and some of their conclusions.

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Future energy is renewable

There are many different sources for renewable energies. We have already talked in this blog about solar, geothermal, wind or wave energy. Many times, we can find the combination of several technologies in one solution, like Omniflow or the winner of the last Solar Decathlon. But, talking globally, which will be the main source of energy for each country?

Researchers from Stanford University have developed a nice map. You can find which will be the main source of renewable energy for each country. Not only the main, but the percentage of each type of renewable energy used in 2050. The sources that have been taken into consideration are: residential, governmental and comercial rooftop solar, solar PV plants, concentrated solar plants, wave energy, tidal turbines, offshore winde, onshore wind, geothermal energy and hydroelectric.

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One data that has been quite impressive is that PV plants are the most used source globally. Onshore wind energy is also one of the biggest sources of energy. Even nowadays, its use is widely known in many countries. Offshore wind energy will also be very used in coastal countries. Many developments are being carried out nowadays for this technology.

But that’s not all. This nice map also provides information about the benefits of using renewable energies. We can find the number of jobs created, the number of deaths avoided, the cost of future energy, etc.

We really encourage you to visit the map and know how will your country generate energy. You can also find the full study made by the researchers of Stanford University.

Source: 100% Renewable Energy

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