Gaggenau. Kitchen smoke extractor.

Kitchen smoke extractors are really similar to other fans if we talk about its function. It’s true they are more simple than HVAC fans. Nevertheless, they are a crucial element in a house to maintain good air quality (mainly in the kitchen). Gaggenau has amazing smoke extractor fans that could substitute in a stylish way those ugly extractors.

gaggenau vl414

Gaggenau smoke extractors

Gaggenau has regular kitchen hoods: isolated formats and wall mounted ones. But the most innovative products are a surface mounted smoke extractor and a worktop mounted one. It isn’t the ‘logical’ place for a kitchen hood. But, its appearance is great once installed. They are perfectly integrated within the kitchen.

The worktop mounted is a telescopic element that remains invisible when you aren’t cooking. The surface one is a great solution for those minimalist kitchens. With only one  exterior engine, up to four smoke extractors can be installed.

Gaggenau extractors are an amazing and innovative solution. We really encourage you to visit their website and take a look at those outstanding products.

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