GIS software by an emergency agency

We are used to deal with fires, building collapses and other disasters at an individual and limited scale. GIS software, as the presented here today, can help institutions to deal with the same problems at an urban scale.

GIS Navarra

GIS software

The GIS software takes into consideration different factors such as climatology, geography, disaster science, environmental science, fire safety and urban services. The main aims of the software are to: make resource allocation decisions; make high-level planning decisions and raise public awareness of disasters risk, its causes, and ways to manage it. This software has been developed by the fire fighters agency of the Government of Navarra, in the north of Spain

The results of the GIS software and its improvement with the help of urban specialists from the School of Architecture of the University of Navarra are shown in the paper published in Case Studies in Fire Safety. Some of the collaborators of this blog have also contributed to this article.

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