Graphene thinnest light bulb

Discoveries are amazing. They mean a great step forward for humanity. But not always are expected. Some times, the most outstanding findings are unexpected. Researchers had never thought about creating bulbs with graphene. But it’s possible and would allow to get the thinnest light bulb ever seen.

graphene bulb

Graphene research

Researchers from the University of Columbia, Seoul National University and the Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science have found this unexpected application of graphene.

How graphene can emit light is really similar to a convencional light. Enough power must pass through the material to start emittting visible light. But graphene has several problems that make it different from conventional materials. It needs to reach 2,500┬║ C to start emitting light. Moreover, graphene is usually on a silicon substrate that dissipate heat.

The solution was to suspend the graphene avoiding to lose so much heat in its contact with silicon. Moreover, depending on the distance to the silicon substrate, light can be regulate. This good mean a great opportunity to have variable lights.

In the next video you can watch a better explanation of the project:

This research work has been published in Nature Nanotechnology. In this link you can find the paper.

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