H2Trust. Everything about hydrogen

Do you have any doubt about hydrogen? Do you want to know everything about it? Then, H2Trust is your website. Hydrogen might be the main source of energy in the foreseeable future. Therefore, it could be a great idea to know a bit more about it now.


H2Trust is a consortium of partners focused on hydrogen and fuel cells development. In its website, you can visit the different sections with up-to-date information. You will find the latest developments within hydrogen tech. You can find solutions for residential use, cars, production, storage, etc.

It is really interesting that you can read scientific papers and articles about these issues. This fact ensures that the information is relevant and has been previously contrasted. In other words, that it will be useful for you.

There are some deliverables and partners information as well as an online tool. Thanks to it, you can check problems and failures within a pipe due to corrosion, manufacturing problems, etc.

If you want to know the State of the Art about hydrogen, you should follow H2Trust. Visit their website.


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