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Extinguishing equipment is a common element in many buildings. We are used to watching sprinklers or hand portable extinguishers in shopping centres, office buildings or parking lots. However, we are not still really aware about the importance of protecting our house with similar measures. In many countries like Spain, it is absolutely uncommon to find a smoke detector in a house as it isn’t mandatory. Therefore, finding an extinguishing system is hardly a miracle. Haven is an automatic extinguisher that will protect your house with a seamless design.

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Haven. A smoke detector? No, an extinguisher.

Many people die every year due to a fire. Kitchens and living rooms are the most common places for a fire in a house. However, we don’t usually install smoke detectors to avoid being injured. A smoke detector will, at least, save our lifes and reduce material damages as soon as firefighters get your home. We have already talked about great smoke detectors like Siemens or Ontech.

Although a smoke detector can save our life, we may want something that also diminishes the material damages. Then, a extinguishing system is our solution. One of the most promising solutions is Plumis. A sprinkler specially designed for your home. Today, we would like to talk about a different solution: Haven.

When talking about extinguishing a fire we have two solutions: we can do it using water (like Plumis) or with an extinguishing agent. Haven has chosen the second option. Its effect is similar to a common extinguisher (those with ABC powder). Furthermore, its design is similar to a roof smoke detector.

As you can watch in the video above, Haven throws a powder column that will extinguish the fire in just seconds. When it detects a temperature of 57ºC or higher, it will release that powder cloud. One Haven device can cover an area of approximately 5m x 5m. The powder is easily cleaned, avoiding extra damaged produced by water. And what is a great advantage: you can install it on your own.

You can find more information about Haven on their website. If you are really interested in this solution, you can even order one unit now!

Which extinguishing system do you prefer? Water or extinguishing agent? Why? Tell us!


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