Hitachi’s elevator: the fastest one

The new Guangzhou CTF Finance Centre will be 530m tall. To save this great height, Hitachi has developed the fastest elevator ever built. With a speed of 72 km/h, it has broken all the records previously known.

hitachi elevator

The project has been designed by the studio of Architecture KPF Associates. It is a mixed-use building with appartaments, offices, hotel, retail, restaurants, etc. The building has 95 elevators that ensure a good distribution of people.

Hitachi, the company responsible for the elevators, has made a strong effort to make this elevator really safe. First of all, an emergency stop will pop up if the elevator goes too fast. This system has been made of highly heat resistant elements. Moreover, people won’t suffer from shaking movements inside. There will be neither problems with your ears. You won’t feel your ears popping as you go up or down so fast. This has been achieved thanks to an air pressure adjustment system.

This elevator will be able to lift in just 43 seconds the 95 floors of the CTF.

Source: Wired UK

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