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Biogas production is a promising solution to diminish natural gas necessities. As we have already told in this blog, biogas is mainly composed of methane. And methane is the main component of natural gas. HomeBiogas is a new solution to generate biogas at home. You can make use of your waste and store it while methane is produced. Not only will you obtain natural gas to cook, but also fertilizer to boost your plants.

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HomeBiogas. Biogas homekit

Although biogas isn’t still as common as we would like in houses, it is a renowned fuel in other uses like farms. Even though the amount of biogas produced in a house is low, why don’t we make use of it? There are several places where we could use that biogas: your kitchen, a furnace, etc.

HomeBiogas is a great solution to be placed at your home. It has reduced dimmensions (1.65L / 1.00W / 1.27H) and it is extremely easy to mount. If you order it, you will receive a cardboard package with all the parts inside. You won’t need to call a specialist (except for the gas connection) to mount you HomeBiogas. Just in two or three hours, you will have your biogas digestor absolutely functional.

It works exactly as any other biogas digestor. You store the food waste in an anaerobic atmosphere. Then, methane and CO2 is produced. Up to 6 litres of food waste or 15 litres of animal manure can be stored everyday. Nevertheless, don’t worry if you don’t produce so much, a third part will be enough to have biogas for 3 hours of cooking. Furthermore, HomeBiogas produces liquid fertilizer. It will be a great opportunity to boost your plants and have bigger tomatoes, potatoes and lemons.

If you are as interested as we are in HomeBiogas, take a look at its crowdfunding campaign in Indiegogo. You will be able to be one of the first people to have HomeBiogas from $945. Furthermore, you can visit their website to keep up with the latest news.

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