Solar heating systems have become more and more common nowadays. Even, many standards and regulations make mandatory to install them. Nevertheless, its integration in buildings isn’t generally good. The project HP-LP-SOLAR-FAÇADE has done some research on new technologies to improve solar heating.


The EU-funded project ‘A novel heat pump assisted solar facade loop heat pipe water heating system’ has proposed a new solution for the integration of solar heaters in buildings. Researchers developed a module that allowed to create modern façade walls or balcony facade with integrated heat-absorbing pipes that are part of the loop heat pipe. Developing a computer model, HP-LP-SOLAR-FAÇADE can be useful for future research projects.

HP-LP-SOLAR-FAÇADE objectives and tasks

The main objectives and tasks of the project were:

  1. Conceptual design of the proposed heat-pump assisted solar façade loop heat pipe (LHP) water heating system.
  2. Development of the computer models to optimise the system configuration and predict its operational performance.
  3. Construction and testing of a prototype system in laboratory.
  4. Economic, environmental and regional acceptance analyses.

You can find an abstract of the project, an intermediate phase report and the final report in the next website. We really encourage you to visit it and know a bit more about this outstanding project.

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