Hydrogen production new record

We talked about an hydrogen project yesterday in this blog. Today, we have another great development in this industry. In this case, the way of generation hydrogen is different. It makes use of solar cells. But the novelty of this project is that the researchers have achieved an efficiency of 22% in the solution.

hydrogen record

Artificial photosynthesis to obtain hydrogen

The chosen process to obtain hydrogen is splitting water. With this method, oxygen and hydrogen are obtained passing an electrical current through water. This new development, has broken the previous record of 18% production efficiency.

“Electrochemical splitting of water could provide a cheap, clean and renewable source of hydrogen as the ultimately sustainable fuel. This latest breakthrough is significant in that it takes us one step further towards this becoming a reality,” Professor Spiccia said.

Hydrogen is expected to be one of the most revolutinary sources of energy in the foreseeable future. Its applications could be endless:

Hydrogen can be used to generate electricity directly in fuel cells. Cars driven by fuel cell electric engines are becoming available from a number of car manufacturers. Hydrogen could even be used as an inexpensive energy storage technology at the household level to store energy from roof-top solar cells,” Professor MacFarlane said.

The results of this project have been published in a paper in Energy and Environmental Science.

Source: Monash University, Gizmag

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