HyTIME. Hydrogen from biomass

Hydrogen production has always been a difficult issue. It can be the key to achieve a hydrogen society. HyTIME is an inventive project that could be helpful. Its main aim is to produce hydrogen from an unexplored source: 2nd biomass.

HyTime project top

HyTIME project

The target of HyTIME is to construct a prototype process based on fermentation that can produce 1 to 10 kg of hydrogen per day. This approach is not new for the researchers. Previous projects (BIOHYDROGEN and HYVOLUTION) have already studied the opportunities for hydrogen production using bioprocesses. HyTIME enhances what those projects previously did. It makes use of the developments made and includes an anaerobic digestion process.

With 9 participants, HyTIME has 6 workpackages. Two for general management of the project and dissemination. The other four packages include:

  • WP2. Biomass supply and fractionation
  • WP3.¬†Hydrogen fermentation
  • WP4. Gas upgrading
  • WP5.¬†System integration

We encourage you to visit HyTIME website and know more about this project.


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