Iguana by Jaga. Stylish radiators

Traditionally, radiators have not been really beautiful. They are usually white and ugly structures┬áthat architects try to hide as much as possible. There is any other solution? Of course! Jaga has amazing solutions as we have already shown in this blog. Today, we want to talk about Iguana. A series of products with an stylish design. Let’s see their characteristics.

iguana jaga radiator

Iguana. Creating well-designed radiators

Not only Iguana radiators are well designed, but also they are available in many different configurations. Jaga is widely known by his low temperature radiators. They allow reducing the energy consumption of your home being more efficient than regular radiators. Let’s see the products available.

Iguana Circo

Iguana circo jaga

A stylish semicircle that will make your home look amazing. Furthermore, additional elements like a small wood table can be attached to the Iguana Circo. With heights from 1.80m to 2.40m, you can choose the most suitable for your home. In the following video you can also watch how easy is to install it.

Iguana Aplano

Iguana aplano jaga

With a minimalist design, Iguana Aplano can be a decorative element in your home. Available in two versions (regular one and Plus) it can also be used with low temperature design. Both versions have models from 1.80m to 2.40m tall.

Iguana Arco and Visio

iguana arco jaga

Both models have a very nice design. It is like an oval. It is not so plane like Aplano, nor so circular as Circo. A mid term that can be a good solution. Visio includes a mirror. They can also be designed with low temperature. Arco is available in the same sizes as the previous options. Visio can be found in three heights: 1.80m, 2.00m and 2.20m.

Iguana Corner

Iguana corner jaga

Very similar to Circo but specially designed for corners. A great idea to fulfil that useless room of the corners of your home. A small table or rack can be also included. It is available in different configurations from 1.50m to 2.40m tall.

Iguana Angula Plus

Iguana angula plus jaga

Finally, one of our favourites. Do you have a squared column in your wall? Are you tired of those corners that are broken by small crashes? Well, then Angula Plus is your radiator. Hide those angles with a radiator and stay warmer. It’s available in four heights from 1.80m to 2.40m tall.

We really encourage you to visit Jaga products and enjoy watching amazing solutions.

Would you install one of these amazing radiators in your home? Tell us where!

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