Imagin. Saving energy in elevators

Elevators waste a great amount of energy when they move empty. The counterbalance of an elevator usually weights1.5 times the weight of the cabin. Therefore, when it goes down empty, it must use energy to brake. But when it goes up empty, the cabin doesn’t require energy as the counterbalance falls down. Imagin, a company created by young entrepeneurs, has created a device to recover energy in elevators and make use of it when necessary.

Imagin elevators

Imagin, entrepeneurship to save energy

Sponsored by the program Yuzz, made for entrepeneurs, Imagin has developed a system to recover energy in elevators. According to the CEO and partners of Imagin, this solution can save up to 30% of energy in elevators.

But, how does it work? Well, the idea is quite simple but, at the same time, amazing. Whether the elevator moves up or down and if it’s empty or not, it consumes energy or transfer it to a resistence. The system proposed by Imagin is attached in parallel to that resistence and stores energy in batteries. Afterwards, when that energy is required, the energy is released into the elevator.

Imagin will now travel to Silicon Valley to find funding and sponsorship to their idea.

Source: Diario de Noticias

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