InFloor and OnFloor air by Zehnder

Air distribution in buildings needs a lot of space. Ducts are quite big and false ceilings are hardly unavoidable. Nevertheless, a solution manufactured by Zehnder can reduce the space needed. InFloor and OnFloor are two systems that can be embeded in the floor. A great solution that can be useful for minimal places.


InFloor and OnFloor air systems

Both solutions makes use of Clinside technology. A smooth layer inside the tubes avoid dust and particles from being retained. InFloor system integrates the tubes in the concrete layer. On the other hand, OnFloor system do it in the isolation layer.

The air volume can be regulated automatically depending on the necessities of the building. The noise produced by air circulation is unnoticeable increasing the comfort of the users.

InFloor and OnFloor systems are suitable for minimalist designs. Only the grills will be visible on the floor. But don’t worry, they are also well designed.

We encourage you to visit Zehnder website and know a bit more about InFloor and OnFloor

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