iPhone powered by hydrogen?

It seems like this week is hydrogen week. Nevertheless, we promise you that we haven’t done anything to make this happen. News flow as they do. We only gather them here. Today, we bring one of the most desired projects: an iPhone with endless battery thanks to hydrogen. Based on a fuel cell battery, it may be not so far away.

iPhone upp

iPhone with an embedded fuel cell battery

Intelligent Energy, the company that is developing the embedded fuel cell batteries, already did a portable charger based on hydrogen: UPP. It can recharge your iPhone battery up to 5 times. Moreover, you can buy recharging cartridges in several buying points (at least in UK).

Now, Intelligent Energy says that they are working on embedded fuel cell batteries. They do not provide any expected date for unveiling the new product. But the short press release is hopeful for users:

Once our fuel cell technology is brought to the inside of the consumer electronic device, we will have moved some way to becoming liberated from the electrical grid entirely. Smartphones could then be able to generate their own CLEAN power and the dream of a week of battery life could be a reality.

This may sound like blue sky thinking, and it is true that we aren’t quite there yet, but we are much closer than you might think. Rick Osterloh, Motorola’s President, may be waiting for the brand new battery, but what he needs is a brand new source of power: a hydrogen fuel cell.

We all hope this will become true soon. Battery lifes aren’t enough for today requirements. We all dream to have a battery that lasts as much as Nokia 3310 one.

Source: Gizmag


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