ISA – Cloogy: knowing our electricity consumption

Today, we bring a new product analysis. This time it is a pack of three products that will let us know the electrical waste or programme any device to switch on and off. It has been developed by ISA and its name is Cloogy.


Thanks to these products, we can control our energy waste and monitor it from wherever we want. We can also schedule any device to be activated or disactivated bearing in mind when energy is cheaper in order to save money. All these data are available from any tablet, smartphone or computer thanks to an intuitive software.

As you can see in the next image, the three products that are part of the Cloogy system are:

  1. Cloogy’s Clamp and Transmiter: it allows to measure the consumption in the electrical panel and sends this data to the Hub.
  2. Hub: it recieves all the data and makes it available in the Cloogy’s software.
  3. Power Plug: it allows to connect and disconnect any device whenever desired.

Cloogy detail

You can find more information inĀ ISA website.

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