Isolux Corsán. Power plant in Angola

Electrical power plants are common constructions all over the world. They provide great amounts of electricity. Nevertheless, a floating power plant isn’t common at all. Isolux Corsán has built one in Angola. And in just four months.

isolux corsán angola

Isolux Corsán power plant

This solution is part of the project “Luanda Emergency Power Generation” carried out by the Government of Angola. Its main aim is to solve the energy problems that the population of the metropolitan area of Luanda usually faces. The power plant has been built in Luanda Fishing Harbour. You must take into consideration that Luanda is one of the largest cities in Africa.

The solution can provide up to 96 MW. The floating stabilisers hold two 48 MW gas turbines in open cycle, two 11.5 kV generators, two booster transformers (11.5/60 kV), electrical systems and BOP.

You can know a bit more about this project in Isolux Corsán website.

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