IZAR Lens by Daisalux. Stylishly small

Emergency lighting luminaires are usually big and awful elements. They can ruin all the good work previously made by the designers and architects. IZAR is a small and well designed luminaire that will be almost invisible when it doesn’t work.


IZAR characteristics

Installation height: 2.2 – 5.0 m

Autonomy: 1, 2 or 3 h

Battery: Ni-Cd

Luminous flux: 200 or 170 lm

In the next drawing you can watch some of the main components of IZAR:


There up to three differente configurations available. One of the most important features of IZAR is that less units need to be installed in corridors or big areas. Moreover, it can be a permanent or non-permanent one. If the designer opts for the first one, the ecopermanence is available. Thanks to it, IZAR will only switch on when low natural lighting levels are reached.

As you see in the image, IZAR is made of three different parts: the luminaire itself, the electronic system and the batteries. It can be installed in false ceilings where the electronic part and the batteries are placed. The luminaire is really small and looks almost invisible, making it unnoticeable for regular users.

You can find more information in Daisalux website.

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