Japanese toilets are unbelievable

Everybody knows, or at least has heard sometimes, the incredible variety and amount of functions that japanese toilets have. Nevertheless, they aren’t so common outside Japan. To change it, a showroom about japanese toilets have been placed in Narita Airport. It’s one of the busiest airports in the world.

japanese toilets

The proposal has been planned by TOTO, one of the most important companies of ‘smart’ toilets. They want to catch the attention of tourists that are waiting for their plane. Japanese toilets is one of the most catchy things of the country. However, it’s really difficult to find one of themĀ in other countries. Therefore, they expect that with this showroom, foreign people will fall in love with japanese toilets.

japanese toilets_01

The showroom has been designed by the architecture studio Klein Dytham, european architect who loves japanese technologie and culture.

This piece of news reminds us about The Simpsons travelling to Japan (sorry, we haven’t found it in English):

Source: PSFK

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