JAQ. The smallest fuel-cell charger

We have many portable gadgets nowadays. We have smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. And we must include in this list also wereables: band wrists, smartwatches, etc. As a result, we have a great amount of devices that need to be charged. Many of them, on a daily basis (or even sooner). Therefore, sometimes we need to look for a plug to connect our gadgets and give them a new life. To provide a new and sustainable solution, myFC has developed JAQ. A portable charger that makes use of fuel cells to recharge our mobile devices.

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JAQ. Because fuel cells can be portable

You know that we really like fuel cells and hydrogen. As it is a promising technology, why don’t we use it for portable gadgets too? That’s what myFC must have thought. With a similar size to a mobile phone, JAQ is a good idea to provide electricity for small gadgets.

With only water and ordinary┬ásalt (NaCl) JAQ can produce hydrogen to charge your smartphone. When you connect a PowerCard, JAQ starts generating power. Once you have finished charging your gadget, you just have to throw away your PowerCard. And don’t worry, myFC has thought about it and they are made of recyclabe materials.

But there is a slight drawback in JAQ. Or at least, we belive it is a drawback. It has only a capacity of 1,800mAh. That means, it is less than any new smartphone currently unveiled. The LG G4 has a battery of 3,000mAh, or the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 2,550mAh. Therefore, we will need more than one PowerCard to charge our smartphone completely. And of course, forget about charging a tablet (with capacities bigger than 8,000mAh).

Despite that drawback, we do believe that JAQ is a promising solution. With a bit more development, we are definitely sure that it will be a great partner to travel with. While we look forward to seeing a JAQ with more capacity, you can visit its website to keep up with the latest news and developments.

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