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Air curtains at the entrance of public buildings are common elements nowadays. You can find horizontal ones and vertical columns. Air curtains avoid that external air influence the indoor air temperature. JS Air curtains has developed an horizontal curtain with a great appearance thanks to the integration of other systems.

js air curtains

JS Air Curtains – Zen Air Curtain

Some air curtains can ruin the good design of a building. A lot of times, they are services that are installed after the construction of the building. Thus, they are not integrated at all in the design of the building.

To avoid that kind of problems, JS Air curtains has developed a nice solution that allows to integrate other services such as emergency lightings or clocks. It is a simple but useful solution. Some trade marks can use the air curtain to integrate their label and logo contributing to the decoration of retail shops. Moreover, it can be a good idea to place several clocks in public buildings like airports.

You can control the velocity of the fan with an infrarred remote controller. The central structure is madeĀ black zinc plated steel. The exterior panels are available inĀ stainless steel, aluminium or wood in gloss, matt or brushed finish.

We encourage you to visit JS Air curtains website and take a look at the different possibilities available.

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