JUNG coloured switches: inspired by Le Corbusier

JUNG, theĀ German based manufacturer of electrical devices like sockets, automations solutions or thermostasts, has developed a new family of products inspired by its well-known LS 990 switch and the colours palette defined by Le Corbusier between 1931 and 1959.

Le Corbusier_JUNG

Thanks to JUNG, we have a nice suitcase with 15 coloured switches. They have a great smooth and soft finish and a good feeling when pressing them. All the colours are matt.

Le Corbusier_JUNG_02

The complete collection has up to 63 different colours defined by Le Corbusier. Products like these ones are not usually found in the market, but may be a very good and amazing solution for homes. In our white-only houses of today, a spot of colour could be a source of joy.


You can find more information in the JUNG official website.

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