Kaia. A new competitor in air quality

As previous posts on this blog, we are going to talk about a new air quality device. Kaia is a small product that you can place wherever you want. It looks like a perfume bottle. But it isn’t, of course. It keeps track of your air quality at home and makes recommendations. Have a better air at home, and avoid respiratory problems with Kaia.


Kaia. Breathe cleaner air

As we have talked in this blog many times, air quality is a crucial issue nowadays. People are becoming more and more aware of it. The Volkswagen emission case or Paris measures to cut off pollution are some examples. It’s difficult to control the pollution level of a big city. Nevertheless, we can regulate the air of our homes.

Many health problems are due to air pollution. As many institutions have remarked some of the consquences of breathing polluted air are: trouble sleeping, affected mood, lack of focus, seasonal allergies, asthma, etc. Being able to reduce pollution is essential to have a good health.

Kaia is one good solution. It doesn’t have as many sensors as other similar devices have. According to the information provided by Kaia, only two: humidity and micron sized particles (similar to PM2.5). Dust, mold, and other particles at this size are particularly damaging. They enter the bloodstream through the lungs and cause inflammation, hormonal imbalance, and even stunted brain development.


Kaia has a special design. It includes a LED light that changes its colour depending on the air quality. You can customize the colours. The brightness is auto-adjusted to ambient light.

Kaia will learn about your habits. Don’t worry if you have pets at home. It will also take it into account. When air quality changes, it will let you know it. Furthermore, it will propose how to improve the air you are breathing. Finally, Kaia will also work in collaboration with other smart devices of your home.

Kaia will be available in a Kickstarter campaing, but we don’t know when. Meanwhile, we encourage you to visit their website to take a look.

Is air quality so important? Are you thinking about buying an air quality device? Let us know!!

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