Kaysun RITE.2. Eurovent certified

Heat and energy recovery ventilators are becoming more and more common nowadays. They are required to obtain A energy certification in buildings. Thus, improving their functionality and efficiency is absolutly necessary. Kaysun has unveiled a new heat recovery ventilator: RITE.2.

kaysun eurovent rite2

Kaysun RITE.2 features

The new RITE.2 has an aluminium CrossFlow core to increase the heat flux. Furthermore, it is certified  by Eurovent. The coating is made of polyurethane wool that allos obtaining a Class-0 (M1) resistance against fire. The default setting brings one G4 filter in each connection of the Kaysun RITE.2. This filter can be changed easily. It allows to install other filters such as M6, F7, F8 or F9 being able to use RITE.2 in any kind of building.

It has a control system to change the air flux that is treated. Three different options are available. Moreover, to have a more accurate control of air treatment, optional configuration like IQ, SM2026 y SM2027. This extra configurations mean extra features like the next ones: weekly programmer, filter alarm, desequilibrated ventilation and ventilation on demand (CO2 sensors, indoor air quality and relative humidity).

We encourage you to visit regularly Kaysun website to keep up with the last products available.

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