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Security has usually been one of the main discussed issues all over the world. Nobody wants to experience at first hand what a burglar means. That’s why Kevo Smart Lock has been developed to increase security in our houses.


Most of us have a smartphone inside our pockets. Why not using it to enter into our house? That’s what Kevo allows us to do. Don’t waste your time in front of your door looking for your keys. Just touch the lock with your hand and if your mobile phone is nearby, your door will open.

Your phone runs out of battery? Well, don’t worry. Kevo has another solution. Fob is a small device that you can add to other keys or carry on your backpack. It works exactly the same way as your smartphone. You won’t need to take it from your pocket.

Do you have guests or a cleaning service? Well, you can allow them to enter thanks to eKeys. You will be able to control who can enter and for how long. The Kevo app will let you know how goes in and out from your home quite easily.

Moreover, it is works with Nest. It will help to regulate your home temperature taking into account when you leave your house and when you go back.

The main drawback currently is that it’s only compatible with iOS products and some Android 5.0 ones.

If you want to know more about Kevo Smart Lock, you can visit its website.


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