Koto. Evolution of air quality sensors [UPDATE]

You all know the importance of indoor air quality. If your house isn’t well ventilated, you will suffer from headaches, you won’t sleep well, etc. Furthermore, air quality has become a new trend and many manufacturers are doing a great job. As you know, we did a post with all the devices available to measure air quality. Today, we want to talk about an update of one of them. Say hello to Koto.

Koto 3x

Koto, a new member [UPDATED]

Based on the work and experience of Cubesensors, Koto consists of small cubes. Thanks to the commentaries made by users, Koto is expected to add valuable characteristics to the previous work. The complete pack has three different devices:

Koto BLINK. Be comfortable

Blink can measure temperature, humidity, light and noise. Moreover, it can work off-grid for half a year and store data for 2 weeks. It can show you recommendations based on the kind of room where you are. The light sensor will tell you if your room is too dark to work. And, if you are in a party and your friends are talking too loud, don’t worry, Blink will tell you before the police arrives.

Koto Blink

Koto AIR. Breath better air

Apart from the sensors of BLINK, it also includes an air pollution sensor (VOC) and a dust sensor (PM). Polluted air is one of the main reasons of getting sick. Therefore, to maintain a good ventilation in your room is essential. Say goodbye to all those viruses in winter. And maintain a good temperature and humidity balance.

koto AIR

Koto STORM. Go away calmly.

STORM has been designed to join all the different functions of Koto in one device. With a LED matrix screen, it can show you notifications provided by BLINK and AIR. Moreover, it can transfer all the data received to the cloud. Thus, you can know how your air is from anywhere. Finally, it has two strange but interesting options: if a lighting strikes or a change in the atmospheric pressure takes place, Koto will let you know it. It can be a useful factor when a great storm is nearby and you need to protect your goods.


Koto. Connectivity everywhere

Maybe one of the most interesting things of Koto is that you can take it wherever you want. You can take it when you leave home to your workplace for instance. Furthermore, it is compatible with the previous version of Cubesensors. You can see the data stored in any Android and iOS device as well as in any web browser.

Finally, we want to remark a very important fact. Koto works with the protocol IFTTT, which is present in most of the connected devices that you can find nowadays in the Internet of Things. Therefore, it can work with Nest, Philips Hue, etc.

Don’t waste your time and visit Indiegogo campaign to collaborate with Koto if you think, as we do, that it is an amazing product with endless possibilities. You can also visit Koto website to know more about it.

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