Logasoft E+. Let’s change your boiler

We need to reduce the carbon footprint drastically. Cars, industries and houses have big emissions that must be cut off. One of the items that are responsible for those emissions are boilers. Old furnaces are very pollutant. Changing them for a new one is a good solution. Nevertheless, people complain that it is really expensive. Furthermore, they don’t know when they will recover the investment. Logasoft E+ helps to make a quick calculation and to know when the change will pay off.

logasoft e+

Logasoft E+. When will I recover the money I have invested?

When an engineer or furnaces installator wants to convince house owners that they must change their boiler, it isn’t an easy job. People aren’t usually keen to make a big investment. And the most repeated question is: ok, I could change the boiler. But when will I recover my money? How much does it cost?

Logasoft E+ is a great software developed by Buderus (Bosch company) that will help to convince those doubtful people. It seems to be really simple to use. Among the parameters that must be introduced we can find: type of fuel and prize, climate zone, times that the boiler starts and stops, time of usage, kind of radiation of ventilation used in the building and curve demand. Furthermore, the calculation can be personalized with the characteristics of the building and the installation, the furnaces models and the geographic situation.

Finally, you may need to fulfil some standards. Logasoft E+ has been aware of that. The European Normative about performances 92/42/CEE has been included. Also both the ASME code and the method BOILSIM are available.

The results obtained will tell the client the investment required. Moreover, information about the emissions reduced of NOX and CO2 is also ready for you.

We encourage to visit Buderus website and take a look at this good application. Sorry, but it’s only available in Spanish.

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