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Architects love designing a perfect and white room. Nice tables, amazing chairs, Macs, a modular ceiling that fits perfect, glass doors with a seamless translucent film, etc. However, not always this is possible. Many times, furniture isn’t so nice or a dramatic luminaire can ruin all the previous work. About this last item, lightings, do we want to talk about. Luceco has designed a nice luminaire for those areas with aesthetic requirements. A frameless lighting that will fit in any modular ceiling and won’t ruin that amazing design. Let’s talk about Square LuxPanel.

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Frameless design by Luceco Square LuxPanel

It isn’t easy to find a luminaire that fits properly in your office or house. Sometimes, a minimal design is required and few options may be suitable. Square LuxPanel by Luceco can be one of those solutions. Indeed, we believe that it is one of the best options.

As we have mentioned before, the most remarkable feature is that no frames are visible. It is really easy to install and the maintenance requirements are minimum. Square Luxpanel is supplied with a “Plug & Play” system that simplifies the installation.

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There are several options available in Square LuxPanel. You can find the standard 600x600mm, the double sized 1200x600mm or a thinner option of 1200x300mm. Furthermore, we can find two smaller options: 300x300mm and 200x200mm. Each configuration has different power options that range from 17W to 60W. Besides, the 600x600mm model can be installed with a warmer light (4800K) or a cooler one (6000K). The rest of configurations are only available in 4800K.

All the models that are part of the Square LuxPanel family have an energy classification A+. Luceco Square LuxPanel is a great choice for standardize cost-effective ceilings. The result is a nice and minimal design that will provide a good lighting to your building.

We recommend that you visit Luceco website to know a bit more about Square LuxPanel.

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