Luminous Carpets & Patterns by Philips

Thanks to the¬†customization of floors and walls with light we can obtain amazing results. You may be thinking about nice pubs or discos with outstanding effects of light. But the possibilities aren’t only limited to those areas. We could include publicity banners produced with light, indications and even evacuation routes (interesting, uh?). Philips has developed Luminous Carpets and Patterns. Two great solutions to make light a new material.

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Luminous Carpets. Light IN the floor

Whether you want to show the name of your business, or to make an inventive party, Luminous Carpets may be your solution. Based on the latest LED technology available, the results look brilliant. In partnership with Desso (one of the most important manufacturers of carpets) the system is reliable and easy to install. LED panels have been designed to avoid any problem with split fluids. Furthermore, the customization is endless. For us, the most interesting solution is the evacuation signaling. We could remove emergency lightings from buildings, while having a seamless lighting limited to emergency situations.

Each LED panel is 80cm long by 21.5cm wide. Its thickness is only 1.2cm. Of course it can be stackable to create larger surfaces. When connected to the IT network of your building, you will be able to customize the panels from any computer, tablet or smartphone. Moreover, it can interface with most building management systems. You can find more information in their website.

Luminous Patterns. Absolute customization for your walls

Let’s now talk about the wall solution. It might not be as breathtaking as Luminous Carpets, but it is also great. Many buildings can make use of it. We are thinking about waiting rooms of hotels and enterprise buildings that can add some nice effect to their walls.

Luminous Patterns are made of panels 4.5cm thick. Each panel ranges from 40cm high by 40cm wide (3.2kg), to 180cm high to 60cm wide (14.4kg). The most interesting point about these panels is that you can customize them completely. The number of lights, how they change their brightness, where they are place, etc. that’s all up to you. The number of predesigned patterns is about 50 now. But you can do yours if your prefer. You can find more information here.

What do you think about these two solutions? Would you install them anywhere if you can? Let us know!

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