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Swimming pools with some nice lights are amazing. The effects achieved are great. But also the requirements of lights in terms of tightness. LumiPlus, designed by AstralPool, is a range of products suitable for swimming pools. They are waterproof luminaires based on LED technology.

LumiPlus AstralPool

LumiPlus products

Designed to be installed in swimming pools, either underwater or nearby, LumiPlus solutions provide higher efficiency and luminous efficacy than other similar products.

LumiPlus Design

Available in white light and RGB, it has a great and stylish design. Designed to be installed underwater, can get up to 87% of energy saving. It has been awarded with a Reddot Award. Made of stainless steel it is available in two different finishes: inox effect and pure white.

LumiPlus LED 1.11 Rapid

Suitable for pools made of concrete, polyester or panels with liner, it is thought to be installed in pools with salt water. There are three models available: white, RGB and wireless RGB. The wireless model is controlled with a remote controller to change the colour as you want.

We encourage you to visit AstralPool website and take a look at all the products available for swimming pools, specially the LED solutions.

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