Lumir. Thermoelectricity in lamps

Thermoelectricity has thousands of unexplored possibilities. We have already talked in this blog about an HVAC unit, or an electricity generator that makes use of heat of exhaust gases. They are only two nice examples, but there are thousands of unbelievable cases. Today, we want to show you an amazing lamp that only needs one candle to provide bright light to your room. Based on the Seebeck effect, it can boost the energy received from the candle and convert it into light. Let’s see some of the features of this exciting development called Lumir.

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Just one candle? Boost it with Lumir

The Seebeck effect is able to make use of heat to produce electricity. This amazing characteristic can be useful for many applications where exhaust heat is not used. We can find chimneys with extremely hot gases or manufacturing processes where heat is a problem. Therefore, studying the possibility of implementing a Seebeck effect can be a good idea.

But let’s go back to Lumir. In many places, electricity isn’t a common element. Thus, many people still rely on candles and small fires to provide light when night comes. However, we all know that the type of light that a candle provides isn’t the most convenient for reading or working. Then, why don’t we use candles but generate a healthier LED lighting?

Lumir is a well designed lamp. It can produce up to 85lm and it only weights 220g. But don’t forget other amazing features: you will no longer depend on batteries or plugs. Furthermore, using Lumir, pollutants produced by kerosene lamps are diminished. What means, that people will breath a healthier air.

Lumir is currently looking for funding in Kickstarter. At the moment of writing this post, they have already reached the goal of 50,000$. But you can still help this campaign become real and be one of the first person testing Lumir. You can also visit their website here.

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