Medibank. Changing how to work

Could only architecture enhance the work pace? Just changing how workers interact with the building and their colleagues can even improve their health. Medibank new HQ is expected to be the healthiest building in the world. Its unique distribution makes easier to achieve it.


Medibank HQ improvements

Designed by Hassell, an australian design company, several consideration to improve physical and mental health have been implemented in Medibank HQ. First of all, every employee has its own laptop and mobile phone to choose where he wants to work. There are up to 26 different places and environments to work (even standing). In this way, staircases have been designed in such a way that it is really easy to move in the building.

Some other features like a healthy kitchen, special lighting, sports court or an edible garden have also been built. Bike access have been promoted by making easier to park. Moreover, a vast amount of plants (2,300) have been placed inside the building. Also a great amount are available outdoors. This eases to achieve good air quality.

The results after some months of work in Medibank HQ are outstanding. 79 percent of workers say that they work in a more collaborative way now. 70 percent of them feel healthier. And absenteeism have been reduced by 5 percent.

With this amazing figures, who wouldn’t want a healthier building?

Source: Gizmag

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