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The Internet of Things (IoT) continues growing up. Nevertheless, a big boundary between the connected era and previous household appliances (some of them recent and common as Nespresso) exists. Microbot Push is an inventive and amazing solution to help those old friends become part of the IoT.

Microbot Push

Microbot Push

Microbot Push works in collaboration with Prota, a microcontroller station. Thanks to Prota, you can have as many Microbot Push as you want. But, what can it do? It can switch on and off your devices wherever you are.

How does it work?

With your smartphone you can send a signal to Microbot Push. Don’t worry if you have many of them installed. In a visual and simple app you can choose the device. Then, it will push down the switch and your device or light will start working. Microbot developers are trying to make it compatible with as many products as possible: Nespresso coffee machine, light switches, washing machine, etc.

How many wires will I need?

Zero. Just plug and play with foam tape. Put it next to your switches and it will perfectly work. In the next video you can watch how it works in a regular light switch:

Anything else?

Of course yes! Microbot Push can work in collaboration with other devices. For example, there are motion sensors and cameras that can inform you when somebody is in the room and switch on the light.

Microbot looks like a good option to solve the problem of unconnected devices. The Internet of Things is growing up continuosly but many older devices need to be adapted as well.

Microbot isn’t still on sale. They are currently working on a prototype version but expect to start a crowd-funding campaign soon. Meanwhile, we encourage you to visit Microbot website and know more about this amazing device and its possibilities.

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