Monkey. Fulfilling the smart access

Some weeks ago we brought here some solutions about keyless access to your home: OLA and Kevo Smart. However, if you live in an apartment, you have another obstacle before reaching your home door. Downstairs, in the street, you face a door. This obstacle avoids you from having a smart experience getting home. Monkey is the solution to have a full smart access to your home. Let’s see its characteristics.

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Monkey. Making smart your intercom

Monkey is a small device. It’s a small square of 5x5cm and can be placed inside your intercom. This is one of the most interesting points of Monkey. It’s really easy to install. You won’t need a specialized electrician, nor landlord’s permit. Just open your intercom, connect the cables and start using Monkey.

monkey app building services blogThe main possibilities of using Monkey are:

    1. Forget about your keys. You won’t need your keys anymore. If you usually forget them at home, this will sound like heaven. Furthermore, if you get home with so many and heavy things, you will be happy too. Forget about releasing all your bags in the floor in a rainy day. Just enter home. In addition to this, if you have another keyless device for your apartment door, you will enjoy a full smart access.
    2. Lying in the sofa? No problem. You can remotely control Monkey with your smartphone. Let your guests enter home without moving from the sofa.
    3. Receive your deliveries anytime. One of the most frustrating experiences is receiving a parcel when you are away. With Monkey you can allow the postman to leave your awaited present at your home door.

In combination with an app available for Android and iOS, you will be able to control Monkey anywhere. It is now looking for crowdfunding in a Kickstarter campaign. We encourage you to visit their website to keep up with the last news.

Would you like to have a keyless access at home? Do you think it is safe? Share with us your opinion in the commentaries below!

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