MULTI rope-free elevator first model

Some time ago we talked in this blog about MULTI. The first free-rope elevator designed by Thyssenkrupp. As you can read in that post, the first building that will include this amazing development is sited in Rottweil, Germany. However, the first scale model has been built in the Innovation Center of Thyssenkrupp in Gijón, Spain. Let’s talk a bit more about this promising technology for mobility in buildings.

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MULTI first scale model in Gijon, Spain

First of all, let’s remember the main feature of MULTI. Thanks to this amazin technology, we’ll forget about elevators that only go up and down. The revolution of horizontal movement is now possible thanks to the rope-free technology. MULTI makes use of linear motors instead of common rope systems.

MULTI can enhance the capacity and efficiency of elevators. Moreover, it can reduce the power consumption and footprint of elevators in peak consumptions. The scale model built in Gijon, Spain, has two 10 metre shafts and four cabs. It is a 1:3 model fully functional.

Furthermore, MULTI can make use of several cabins at the same time. Similar to an underground facility. That can increase the capacity of the system up to 50%. Moreover, the surface required in each floor for the elevators is also reduced. Nowadays, elevators can occupy up to 40% of floor area in high rise buildings. With MULTI, the required area is diminished about 25%.

Thyssenkrupp Elevator CEO, Andreas Schierenbek, was really happy at the presentation of MULTI scale model in Gijon:

As we promised 12 months ago, we present today the first model of our ground-breaking MULTI elevator system. Our Research and Development team is right on track to realize this cutting-edge transport technology. MULTI will be our answer to tomorrow’s challenges: as the nature of building construction evolves, it is also necessary to adapt elevator systems to better suit the requirements of buildings and high volumes of passengers. MULTI represents a proud moment in ThyssenKrupp’s history of delivering market-leading innovations which best serve current mobility needs.

We’re looking forward to meeting the final version of MULTI in Germany in 2016. Meanwhile, keep up with the latest new about Thyssenkrupp in their website.

Source: Thyssenkupp

Do you think that this technology will be available in the foreseeable future? Or is it just another promising but not real technology? Let us know!

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