MyCACTUS. Knowing your home consumption

MyCACTUS is a device to know how your home behaves in terms of energy consumption. Moreover, MyCACTUS will learn from your habits in order to save energy and money.

MyCACTUSDeveloped by the spanish company Cactus Smart Home, it allows you to know how your energy is waste. It gets data from electrical devices and HVAC systems.

The main control board is a 7″ touchscreen where you can find all the data gathered from sensors and how much energy and money has you saved so far.

In combination with an intelligent thermostat (ThermoCACTUS), you can switch on and off your heating from whenever you are. Moreover, it adapts to your habits and works different if you are or not at home. Besides, it will switch on automatically when you are getting home. Simply, fantastic.

It is possible to connect all your home to MyCACTUS: your home lock can, security cameras, electrical appliances, etc. All, to get a safer and more secure home.

In addition to this, it can programme devices to start working when electricity is cheaper basing on a fee schedule. It will help you to save a lot of money making the washing machine to start working at 3.00 a.m.

You can find more information at Cactus Smart Home official website.

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