MyCACTUS. Now on Kickstarter

Some months ago, we already talked about MyCACTUS. It was a promising tool to save energy at home. And now, it is on Kickstarter looking for funding. Let’s remember some of its great characteristics and some more information that is now available.



The central unit of MyCACTUS is maybe the most interesting and unique element of the whole system. With a touch screen, you can find all the information gathered by sensors (electricity, heating and cooling). With a simple and intuitive interface, MyCACTUS will allow you to set a temperature target or know when and how you are consuming electricity.

As you can see in the following video, the possibilities are endless. Regarding temperature, you can set timetables for each day of the week. Moreover, it will let you know how much money are you spending. The electricity menu is different. When you open it, you will find a nice graphic with the electricity waste of your household appliances. Finally, a financial menu with some tips to save money and reduce your energy consumption is also available.


But that isn’t everything. A nice smart thermostat is also available. Maybe it isn’t unique or revolutionary. We can find similar products in the market (like Nest). But the integration with the whole system is great. As other smart thermostats, it will learn from your habits. Besides, it can work depending on your location. When you are getting home, it will switch on automatically your furnace to have a convenient temperature.


Anything else? Of course! Completing the system there is a smart energy meter. It will let you know when you are wasting energy, which household appliance is doing it and will propose solutions to save money. MyCACTUS is the first system that makes recommendations based on the new hourly rate.

Finally, MyCACTUS is also compatible with other smart solutions (lock cans, lighs, etc.) thanks to its open software.

We really encourage you to visit the Kickstarter campaign to know more about MyCACTUS and collaborate with it if you think it pays off!

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