myPort. Security and simplicity

Last week we brought here the Port Technology implemented by Schindler in elevators, really useful for vertical displacements in building services. As you can remember, it made easy to take the most convenient elevator for our destination. Today, we want to talk about its evolution; myPort.


myPort furthers this first idea making it even easier and useful. Just having installed the myPort app in your mobile phone, you can enter into a building by unlocking your phone with a PIN or a Touch ID. Moreover, if you want somebody to come to your building, you can send to him an SMS with an embeded link. He will not need to have myPort installed. Just openning the link, a unique colour video will display and the reader will let him go in.

Once you are inside the building, you will not need to take your mobile from your pocket. myPort will automatically open the doors and tell you the most convenient elevator. If you are a hoster, it will be easy to give access to your guests. It is also really useful for disabled people who are familiar with their mobile phone but not with a new building.

Here you can see a video with a full explanation:

Schindler Transit Management Group announces myPORT from The PORT Technology on Vimeo.

More information in myPort website.

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