Nautilus shell inspired wind turbine

The Archimedes, a company from Netherland, has developed a new type of wind turbine. The most remarkable characteristic is its outstanding design inspired in Nautilus shell.


It has been thought to be implemented in both regular houses and off-grid solutions. According to the designers, thanks to the Nautilus design, it can generate half of the energy consumption of a houseĀ for one year with a supposed continuos wind speed of 5 m/s. This feature makes this turbine a good option in combination with photovoltaic modules in off-grid places.

Moreover, it is noisless and doesn’t need complex software to put the turbine in the correct direction against wind. Thanks to its conical shape inspired in Nautilus, it yawls itself automatically to the optimum position and is not affected by turbulences generated by trees, buildings, etc.


Source: Treehuger

More information: The Archimedes

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