Nebia. Saving water in the shower

We are used to taking a shower every day in developed countries. Nevertheless, we aren’t really aware about the water consumption it requires. Nebia, a new and stylish shower can help us to reduce the water consumption and provide a new experience in the shower.

Nebia Full Spray

Nebia shower

Forget about calling a plumber to install Nebia. It’s extremely easy to install it on your own. You won’t need to break tiles or complex tools. Just your hands and read properly the instructions manual.

Nebia has been designed with high technology. The patented H2MICRO technology has been developed by engineers in order to achieve a new experience of shower. The result is an amazing and stylish shower.

Nebia 8.3.201588311 v1

Don’t worry if you have a long, long hair. Nebia will get the shampoo out as fast as a regular shower. Thermofluid engineers have put all their efforts to achieve excellent results. But remember, you are wasting 70% less water.

It can be adjusted to any height required. Moreover, the showerhead can tilt 45º to provide a nice shower. In the next video you can watch the full development of Nebia:

Nebia proposes a great development in showers. In the last decades, really tiny improvements have been developed in this industry. Nebia is currently looking for funding in Kickstarter. If you want to collaborate, you can get your shower from 299$ (shipment expected for May 2016).

We really encourage you to visit Nebia website and know more about it.

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