Ness. Avoid wasting water.

Have you ever thought how many litresĀ of water do you waste every year? When we want to have a shower or we just need hot water, we waste water as it hasn’t the desired temperature. It is expected, that we waste up to 800 litres per month and per person. An extremely high amount of water. Ness is a great solution to avoid wasting all that water.


How does Ness work?

Developed by Metrica6, Ness is a three-element equipment that will help you saving water. The first module is the pump system. It forces water to move and recirculate in the system. The second element is the pushbutton. It’s a well designed piece that doesn’t need to be pressed. Just move your hand near it and the system will start working. Finally, the third module is a bypass. It allows water flow until the target temperature is reached. The next scheme may show you better how it works:

NESS conjunto

Ness is an outstanding solution to save water. It works really fast and will avoid that you waste so much water wating for the hot water. The pushbuttons can be personalized with some designs available in their website.

We encourage you to visit metrica6 website and know a bit more about Ness.

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