Nest 3rd generation

One of the most common devices in smart homes are smart thermostats. Since Nest presented its first model and Google bought the whole company, the development of these devices has been increased. Last week, Google unveiled the 3rd generation of Nest thermostat. Let’s see which are the main advantages of this product.


Nest appearance

First of all, its look. Nest new device has a wider and sharper screen. Moreover, it includes one new functionality called Farsight. That means, when you walk into the room, Nest will bright up its screen to show the temperature or time (depending on what you choose).

New temperature sensors

Nest has more temperature sensors to be more accurate. Furthermore, a new option to know when your furnace is working is available. Some furnaces switch off automatically to avoid overheating. Nevertheless, if this action is too repetitive, it may be a problem. Nest will let you know that some issue is happening in your furnace and will send you a message to your mobile phone or tablet.

Nest box

As previous versions of the thermostat, Nest will learn from your habits to maintain a comfort level and save energy. It will record your habits to know when it must heat up or cool down your home. Thanks to this methodology, bigger energy savings are achieved.


The thermostat is compatible and can work in collaboration with other Nest products. One example can be that when Nest Protect detects CO, the thermostat will shut down the furnace. If you set your thermostat ‘Away’, Nest Cam will start recording.

In the next video you can watch the main improvements of the 3rd generation of the thermostat:

We encourage you to visit Nest website and take a look at all the different products available and the advantages they can offer.


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