NFPA 400. Hazardous Materials Code

Separation distances are crucial in fire safety. Even more when dangerous or inflammable products and materials such as chemicals are stored in buildings. NFPA 400 is the main standard that regulates the distances required for proper storage of those materials.

nfpa 400

NFPA is the main institution that makes standards and regulations in fire safety in the USA. NFPA 400 stablishes the separation and distances that must be accomplished in buildings where chemicals are stored or any other equipments exist. These kind of regulations are crucial for human safety in buildings.

We encourage you to visit NFPA website and take a look at the specific document made for distances recommendations.


  1. Dr Bassam Fakhouri

    I want to buy NFPA published standards and regulations.
    Please advise how to pay you the cost of same
    We are memberNo. 2699956

    1. instetsaun

      Dr Bassam,

      Thank you for getting in touch with us. Unfortunately, we cannot help you with this issue as we are not NFPA publishers, nor distributors.

      Please, contact with NFPA association in this website:

      Thank you for reading our blog!


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