Fire Safe Europe and NFPA

A fire is one of the most dangerous events that can happen in a building. People die not only because of the flames but also due to smoke. That’s why organizations like NFPA and Fire Safe Europe are developing regulations to improve fire safety levels in buildings.

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Fire Safe Europe

On the other hand, Europe’s most important organization about fire safety is Fire Safe Europe. In its website you can find really good information and studies carried out about fire in fa├žades, active and passive protections against fire, etc. They are also really aware about firefighters health. They have found that current fires are unpredictable for firefighters. Many times, they can’t manage a fire because of the new materials used in buildings and the isolation measures adopted.

You can find more information and videos about fire safety in Europe in their website.


NFPA is the main organization about fire safety in the USA. In their website you can find thousands of references about statistics, investigations, research projects, etc. They usually require help from regular people to improve their papers and make them useful for everybody.

We invite you to look at this website where you can find the latest news, research and statistis about NFPA.

Fire safety is key to avoid undesired accidents and victims in a building. NFPA and Fire Safe Europe help us to achieve it.

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