Noise barriers to generate electricity

Noise barriers in highways are common elements. Thanks to them, noise level in close buildings is reduced. Nevertheless, some organizations that defend animals are not so happy with them, as birds can collide. Maybe, the development carried out by a group of researchers of the University of Eindhoven changes their mind.

Noise barriers Eindhoven

Solar noise barriers

The ‘luminiscent solar concentrators’ (LSCs) are colourful panels that concentrate sunlight on solar cells. Two test noise barriers have been placed to know the efficiency of the solution. LSCs can be produced in any desired colour. Moreover, they are robust (to avoid bandalism) and can work when the sky is cloudy.

According to research tests, 1 km long of these LSCs, could provide energy to 50 homes. There are too many kilometers of noise barriers along the world that could be changed to produce energy. Michael Debije, the main researcher of the project, published a paper in Nature about the technology implemented in the project.

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