Nuimo. One device to rule them all

One of the worst things that users have to face in their smart homes is the amount of different devices from different companies and with different setups. Why don’t unify all those apps to control our devices in only one product? Nuimo has achieved it with a great amount of gadgets. You know, one device to rule them all…


Designed by a group of friends with backgrounds in electrical engineering, computer sciences and industrial design, Nuimo will be fully manufactured and assembled in Germany. After a long stage for its development, it’s currently in Kickstarter looking for funding (they have already doubled their goal).

Ok. But, what can I do with Nuimo?

Here comes the most interesting point. The different companies that develop smart devices for our homes haven’t come to an agreement about a common app. Each of them has his own app and this fact makes not so smart our homes. Nuimo can control with only one device a big amount of gadgets. The only requirement is that they work under Bluetooth 4.0 LE (Low Energy). You can control with the same product very different applications: lights, music, thermostats, etc.

Really nice. But, how?

Very simple. One of the most outstanding things of Nuimo is how it works. Its simple appearance makes it attractive as well as useful. With just your hand you will be able to control all those apps. You’ll have four different functions: click, turn, swipe and fly. I could try to explain how it works, but I think that it’s a better idea that you watch the next video:

Can Nuimo end the big problem of compatibility?

Who knows. But it’s a big step forward. It works with the most important companies of smart devices (Nest, Sonos, Philips, etc.). Therefore, their success is almost ensured if they keep on working and adding more compatible devices.

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