NXT Health. 2020 patient room

Patient rooms in hospital are the places were sick people spend more time. To provide a good comfort for the patient, relatives and workers of the hospital is crucial. NXT Health has developed a prototype of a room that integrates all the required facilities in the 21st century.

NXT_health room

NXT Health room prototype

You can visit their website to know more information about the prototype. But we bring here the most remarkable features. The graphic quality of the proposal is outstanding and let us know perfectly what NXT Health wants to achieve with this room.


As you can see in the image, the room is divided in four main areas: family pod, patient area, open bathroom and caregiver station. Among those, maybe the least important is the family pod.

Caregiver Station


As shown in the image, the caregiver station has an infrarred tap with a light system that will encourage handwashing. In this area, nurses and doctors can get the necessary material. Afterwards, they can pay the required attention to the patient.

Patient ribbon

NXT_health patient


The patient ribbon integrates all the required facilities for the patient. We can find in a seamless design the ceiling, headwall and footwall infrastructure. All the lights, air conditioning system, computer, etc are included. It is very important to have a seamless design as it’s easier to maintain the area sterilized.

Open bahtroom

NXT_health bathroom

One of the most important areas in a patient room is the bathroom. It is very important that more than one person can help the patient to move. The solution proposed by NXT Health is an amazing open bathroom. With two sliding doors, it is really easy that three people help the patient.

The room has a non-slip floor to avoid accidents. NXT Health prototype has a great design with amazing functionalities. Finally, you can watch a video with the building process of the prototype. We also encourage you to visit NXT Health website and know more about this solution.

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