Obstacles in front of a door, are not obstacles

You may think that today’s article title has no sense. Nevertheless, it is true. Researches from the University of Navarra have studied the effects of putting an obstacle in front of a door and its consequences.

Obstacles_Granular LAB

Starting with small thin particles, continuing with small boxes (rather dices) and finally analyzing the sheep’s behavior. The research team made different tests in order to know the amount of elements that flowed through the exit, how long they keep going out without clogging, the best distance to put the obstacle, the vibration needed to restart the flow when a clogging happened, etc.

In the video below, you can see how sheeps try to go into the room to have lunch. They fight to get there first because whether they arrive sooner, they will have more time to eat. On the left image, it is a regular door. You can see several cloggings. On the right one, with the obstacle, the number of cloggings decrease.

If you want to know more about this research you can visit the official Granular Lab website.

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