Odebrecht Peru. Innovation in PV

The Odebrecht competition held in Peru, has unveiled its final winners. This competition focuses on technological innovations for engineering and architecture. This year winner has developed a good solution for PV.


The winners from the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, developed a complex solution that included water purification, photovoltaics, batteries and lighting. Each PV module will be able to supply up to 4 LED lamps. Moreover, it allows to purify water thanks to an UV radiation filter that can remove 99.99% of the bacterias in water. Its name is Lighting with PV modules and water purification with UV radiation.

In this video you can watch the final projects:

Other finalist projects in the Odebrecht competition were:

Solar power farm for heating, economic and nutritional development in Ferreñafe by the Universidad Católica Santo Toribio de Mogrovejo.

Ecobrick by the Universidad Nacional de Trujillo.

Agricultural fungicide from abanico shells by the Universidad Nacional del Santa.

Seed home by the Universidad Católica Santo Toribio de Mogrovejo.

Source: Suelosolar.

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